“Competition isn’t about the trophies you bring home; its
about how you push yourself to become the best you can be”

Competition & Performance Group

We will be continuing our Competition and Performance Team at the studio this year. Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 are invited!

Who is it for?

The competition and performance group will be made up of dancers who are dedicated and want to continue working on their technique. They are enrolled in level 2-5 technique classes. This is for dancers who want to dance more and spend additional hours on the weekend rehearsing. Dancers will learn teamwork, responsibility and discipline.

How To Participate

For those dancers who are interested in being part of the competition & performance group, you will need to: register for One Competition Summer Class and fill out a competition questionnaire.

The dancers will be put into routines based on schedules, choreography known, and dance styles they excel in. In addition to what classes they will be taking during the dance year.

Rehearsal Time & Practices

In addition to taking one class from the Competition Summer Class schedule, there will be mandatory nights at the studio in August when the dancers will learn choreography. The dates will be selected depending on the dancers schedules and the dances they are in. Starting in September and ending in December, competition dancers will meet every other Sunday for an hour for each dance they are in. In January, the dancers will have black-out practices that they will NOT be able to miss.

Financial Information

To keep costs down we will try to reuse dance costumes that are in our dance closet from previous years.
- Competition Entry Fees (Three Competitions)       $75-100
- Choreography/Instruction Fee per dance               $100-150
- Rehearsal on Sundays (September-January)         $100-150

Total Cost per dance                                               $275-400

Families have two payment options:
1. Pay in full by October 1st, 2021.
2. Pay in monthly installments due on the 10th of each month (August-March).

Solo Routines

You must be in at least ONE group number in order to compete a solo. You must also be in the technique class you are competing a solo in. Remember competing a solo takes a lot of practice and dedication in order to be successful. Solos are not for every dancer.

If the student wants to choreograph their own solo, they are more than welcome to but any practice time with a teacher will be billed to the account and is $30/hour. The competition entry fee per competition averages around $100 per solo.

Competition Forms

The forms and info needed for the Competition & Performance group are below. Please feel free to print for your convenience.

  1. Fill out the competition questionnaire.


I look forward to answering any questions you might have about the Competition Group. If you have questions or concerns send them to or call 319-238-8169.