Dancer Expectations

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Dancer Expectations

Children who attend class regularly and respect themselves, as well as their peers, will learn valuable life lessons along with advancing in their dancing ability. It is important to all teachers, that the studio creates a fun atmosphere where the student feels safe.

Studio Space
Please be respectful of items that are not your own and clean up your area after dance class. Please do not wear street shoes on the dance floor.

Absence and Make-Up Class
If a student misses class, it is their responsibility to make up the lesson. They are able to attend other classes to make up the missed lesson but it must be approved by the instructor. They can’t make up classes during the months of April and May.

Dress Code
Wearing proper attire and shoes for dance class is important. Being able to see body alignment makes it easier for the dance instructor to make corrections. Females should have their hair pulled off their face and wear minimal jewelry. Males are expected to wear dance pants or shorts with a t-shirt as well as proper dance shoes.