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Miss Anna:

Anna Steil-Kerns is an accomplished dancer with over 20 years of performance, competitive and leadership experience. Anna holds bachelor degrees in both dance and health promotion from the University of Iowa.

She currently resided in her hometown of Oelwein, Iowa where she owns and operates Northeast Iowa Dance Academy.

Anna continues to enhance the art of dance within the community she grew up in and strives to offer the same opportunities to her students that she received through dance. Her love of and commitment to dance is reflected in her many affiliations, membership and awards she has received.

Get to know Miss Anna!

Why do You Love to Teach: I love to teach dance because I am teaching more than just leaps & turns. I am helping shape dancers into responsible, hardworking, & empathetic humans.

Why Do You Love To Dance: No matter your age, you can always move your feet to the beat!

Favorite Style Of Dance: I can't pick just one. I love ballet for its classical and technical movement vocabulary. Tap and jazz bring percussiveness to dancers that makes you want to dance along with them! Then there is hip-hop, which is non-stop fun for everyone!


Miss Hannah:

Hanna Headshot-cropped

Get to know Miss Hannah!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I love being able to watch students grow as the year progresses and experimenting with choreography, while also giving students a chance to express their creativity as well.

Why Do You Love To Dance: I love to dance because it gives me the chance escape reality and be able to express myself in a different way! I also enjoy the stories that you are able to portray with dance and all the different perspectives that can influence what a piece means to them.

Favorite Style of Dance: My favorite style of dance is lyrical/contemporary.

Miss Hannah has been dancing for 19 years!

Miss Karlee:


Get to know Miss Karlee!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I love to dance, and I want to share that love with others so they can find their passion in dance. I also love little kids, so that’s a plus too!

Why Do You Love To Dance: Dance makes me feel better about myself, and when I’m upset, I can put all of that feeling into dance. It’s the best feeling in the world!

Favorite Style of Dance: Contemporary 

Miss Izsy:

Dancer Posing, Red Costume

Get to know Miss Izsy!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I’m excited to teach because I want to share my love of dance with everyone at the studio!

Why Do You Love To Dance: I dance because it’s my passion, and when I dance I just love what I’m doing. It makes me really happy!

Favorite Style of Dance: Jazz!

Miss Heather:

Dance Coach

Get to know Miss Heather!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I love sharing something that can bring joy into others’ lives and a creative outlet for movement.  Teaching dance gives me the ability to pass on a talent that can be used on or off the dance floor, for competitive purposes or just for fun, and enjoyed someone’s entire lifetime.

Why Do You Love To Dance: I love to dance because it’s something I can be 100% in the moment forget about everything else going on in the world except for what you’re doing on the dance floor.

Favorite Style of Dance: Hip Hop, Dancehall and Jazz Funk! 

Miss Aliya:

Dancer, Hip Hop

Get to know Miss Aliya!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I am super excited to teach this year because it gives me the opportunity to share my love of dance with the younger students at the studio.

Why Do You Love To Dance: I love to dance because of the freedoms and creativity I feel on the dance floor!

Favorite Style of Dance: Hip Hop

Miss Elsie:

Dancer in Red Costume

Get to know Miss Elsie!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I love to teach because I enjoy sharing my passion for dance with younger generations. This goes along with why I love to coach, because I love being able to help dancers perform at their very best. Critiquing and watching groups is rejuvenating to me!

Why Do You Love To Dance: I love to dance because it is my true passion. I would like to pursue dance as a part of my career after college. She plans to dance and teach dance for as long as she can!

Favorite Style of Dance: Jazz, specifically sassy/technical Jazz.

Miss Elsie is a native of NIDA and is currently majoring in Dance at the University of Iowa.

Miss Ashlyn:

Ashlyn Mustard-headshot

Get to know Miss Ashlyn!

Why Do You Love To Teach: I love to be able to share my love of dance with others. It's such an amazing experience to watch young dancers grow, learn new things and push themselves out of their comfort zones. I love being able to see others express themselves through movement and music.

Why Do You Love To Dance: Dancing has always been a get away for me, somewhere I feel safe and can fully express myself. It allows me to express my emotions and be in the moment. It helps me to feel calm but also gives me energy and boosts my creativity that I get to share with others!

Favorite Style of Dance: Modern and Hip Hop because nothing is really set, you just get to freely express yourself.

Miss Ashlyn has been dancing since the age of 3. She is a NIDA Dance native. Ashlyn supports NIDA dancers as a competition coach.

Miss Lana:


Get to know Miss Lana!

Why Do You Love To Teach: Dance is so important in every aspect of life and I want everyone to experience the joy that it brings. I love sharing everything that I have learned and helping students grow in their artistic expression!

Why Do You Love To Dance: I love dance because I can fully be myself when I am dancing. I also love how fulfilling it is to work hard every day and constantly be on a journey as an artist.

Favorite Style of Dance: My favorite style of dance is ballet because the technique is so precise but still so expressive.

Miss Lana has been dancing for fifteen years and has been doing ballet pre-professionally for the past three.